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How would you like to make an easy $50 just for referring someone to our website?

Now you can!

Just by referring someone to our website and one who is interested in our services and purchases a service we offer

For every single referral who makes a purchase, you can make $50 which means that in a day, if you refer just 5 people who purchase our services then you make 5 x $50 which is $250 in just a single day!!

How great is that?

Imagine now, if you continue referring just 5 people a day every day of the month, so for example, you refer 5 people per day for an entire month, then you will be making 30 x $250 which is a cool $7,500 per month!!!
And the potential for earning even more is increased with every additional referral made.
And all of this can soon even become regular passive income based on even repeat customers who purchase our services.
So what are you waiting for?

Start referring others to our website TODAY and start earning $50 per referral!!


Visionxtech provides a unique opportunity for affiliate individuals who help promote us with payouts just for referring others to our services and who are interested in our services and make a purchase.

3 Simple Steps!

Contact and Sign Up

Purchase is Completed




Earn Commissions!!

First, simply contact us by our contact information provided, preferably by Email or through our Contact form or send us a request to become a special referral of our services that we provide and we will shortly get in touch with you. We will then gather important information in order to make payouts and will additionally provide some materials for promoting us on other platforms, for instance, on personal blogs, social media, etc. 
Next, we will verify that a purchase of our service has been completed and then we will contact and inform you about the purchase made and then within an hour we will verify the contact information provided by our special referrals before we send the payout there. 
Finally, we will verify the referral and the contact information for payment to be made and make the final payout there to our special referrals. You will be paid within an hour after a client or customer has made the purchase. 
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