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As an online affiliate, you'll be selling products for commission but you'll be doing it through the web and you'll be letting your customers come to you. You'll have any means necessary available to you to achieve this with and you'll be able to constantly tweak and improve the system you're using to make sales. What's more, you can learn from the advice and mistakes of others and in some cases even use templates. In fact, you can even outsource the marketing process! 

And because you're investing less time in marketing this way, you can take on as many different products as you want and thereby scale up your income significantly. Moreover, you can do this 'on the side' to begin with and not rely on it for your main income - it makes a wonderful supplement to your income. 

You won't keep 100% of the profits you generate - which can be disheartening. The percentages you get for affiliate marketing actually are very good and in some cases you get more of the profit than the creator - a lot of suggest that creators and producers give their affiliates 60% of the income as the starting point in fact. And it's unusual to see affiliate marketing get you much less than 40%. 

To get started in digital marketing then, all you need to do is to find a product you like and you think you can sell, sign up to the affiliate program and then paste your unique link in any form of marketing, advertising or otherwise. That could be a Facebook ad, it could be an e-mail or it could even be a physical flier. 

While reading this you might find that your pupils have been replaced with dollar signs as you consider all the possibilities. Truly, the ability to profit from someone else's product is in many ways an ideal situation and especially when you know that product is a good seller and you're getting the lion's share of the profit!

Affiliate Authority

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$ 14.35

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$ 7.00
Download File Size - 13.30 MB
eBook Format - PDF
Reading Requirements - Any PDF Reader
Number of Pages - 81
Release Date - 2015
Learn how to get started as an affiliate marketer and how to generate huge passive income by selling other people's products. 

What You'll Learn
  • Introduction And What You Will Learn
  • The Truth About Affiliate Marketing: Facts and Figures
  • Affiliate Marketing vs Selling a Product
  • How Affiliate Marketing Works
  • Affiliate Marketing In Technical & Layman's Terms
  • Affiliate Marketers for Product Creators
  • How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing
  • Top Affiliate Networks You Need To Know About
  • Affiliate Networks vs Other Options
  • Finding Products Online
  • How To Choose a Product To Promote And What To Look For
  • Your Current Audience
  • Conversion Rates, EPC, Gravity And Other Stats
  • What's the Market Like?
  • How To Get Your Referral/Affiliate Link For a Product
  • How To Build a Landing Page To Promote Offers as an Affiliate
  • What is a Landing Page? Design Tropes of a Landing Page
  • Creating a Landing Page, Split Testing
  • How To Use Content Marketing To Generate Long-Term Traffic
  • How To Get Started With Content Marketing
  • Promoting Your Blog, Social Media, Influencer Marketing
  • SEO, Guest Posting, E-Mail Marketing
  • Setting Up An Autoresponder
  • How To Use Persuasive Writing To Make More Sales
  • Grabbing Attention, Use Short Statements and Paragraphs
  • Use Authority and Social Cues
  • Likeability, Add Time Pressure and Scarcity
  • Direct Marketing - The Fast Way of Making Money as an Affiliate
  • Paid Advertising, More Direct Marketing Techniques
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Techniques And Lessons
  • How To Win Affiliate Contests
  • How to Transition From Affiliate Marketer To Product Creator
  • Maintaining Good Relationships With Product Owners
And Much More!

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365 Power Sales Methods

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$ 19.97

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$ 9.97
Inside, you will find one tip for every day of the year.  They’re well hidden techniques and strategies that will help you bring sales and cash into your pocket.  Not only will you be able to learn if you’re a newbie, you’ll be able to expand your online business if you’re a somewhat seasoned online marketer.
So, that means no matter what level of knowledge you have, whether you have some or none, you’ll benefit from the report.

A sneak peak at what’s in it:

Using Social Media sites to explode your traffic and get more attention to what you have to offer

Selecting the perfect keywords for your niche that get results no matter what you are selling

How to not give up no matter how frustrated you are.  Keep your willpower and determination sky high.

Manage time to make room for success


Create headlines that will guarantee an increase in your click thru rate

How to manage a team that works for you and with you

Changing your way of thinking to open the door to success

How to work with your customers and build a positive image to keep them coming back

Marketing tactics that will get you a higher search engine rank and also increase traffic

What you should do to pull in a customer

Building trust with potential buyers so they feel safe and secure

How to grab a lead’s attention and interest to get the prospect to buy

Know the personal qualities you need to knock make a sale and knock the prospects socks off

Tips on market research to target the right market for your product or service

What you shouldn’t do when you want to make a sale

Having a proper attitude when it comes to business and doing business with others

Tactics that will help develop other business relationships that you can profit from

Self-improvement tactics to program your mind for positive results

Business ethics that will result in a high approval rate and recommendations

Suggestions on how you can expand through affiliates

How you should speak to potential customers and how you shouldn’t
There’s a lot of good stuff in there right?  Believe it or not, that’s not all.  There is much more in the report to help your business make it to the top and bring in more sales than you can imagine.
This is just a partial list, a small piece of the pie.

Download File Size - 466 KB
eBook Format
 - PDF
Reading Requirements - Any PDF Reader
Number of Pages - 53
Release Date - 2014

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$ 97.00

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$ 17.00
Are you looking for that “Laptop Millionaire” lifestyle that comes from AFFILIATE MARKETING?
If so, you need to read the latest “Big Book of Affiliate Marketing Secrets” – recently updated to cover all the developments that have happened, especially in the year 2015.
Listen: The dream of making money online – sitting at home in your underwear – has now COME TRUE with Affiliate Marketing.
Basically, it means you get a slice of the pie every time someone makes a transaction with a business you’re “affiliated” with. You sign up as one of their affiliates, and you promote the heck out of their product on their behalf. When it sells, you get a slice of the pie.
And if you do it right – the way we show you in this book…
You Can Get a Slice of Millions Of Pies!
That’s right – the beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that it has almost infinite upside potential leverage.
You can literally have thousands and thousands of products that you’re an “Affiliate” for – and then you’ll be able to sit back and get a small “piece of the action” each and every time one of them sells!
While you’re sleeping, someone could be buying. 
While you’re eating, or playing golf, or partying with your new friends on your beautiful yacht, someone somewhere will be BUYING your products.
One by one. Drip by drip. The money starts trickling into your bank account.
And then it speeds up. It comes in faster. And faster!
Then one day, you wake up, and you can’t believe how much money is in your bank account -- from the time you went to bed until the time you got up, perhaps thousands and thousands of dollars!
That’s the BEAUTY of Affiliate Marketing

Download File Size - 3.17 MB
eBook Format
 - PDF
Reading Requirements - Any PDF Reader
Number of Pages - 50
Release Date - 2015


Affiliate Marketing Secrets

And this book tells you ALL the secrets that are working RIGHT NOW.
You won’t have to make all the tragic, costly mistakes that all the “neophytes” and “wannabes” make.
Let them fall for all the “sucker plays” and “rigged games” that litter the Internet Marketing landscape.
You’ll be one of the FEW who are smart enough to buy this book, devour its contents, and then apply the “Insider Secrets” it reveals.
Your investment in this book will definitely pay off BIG TIME – and FAST!
You’ll know all the shortcuts. You’ll know what rules to obey as if your life depended on them – and which ones you can creatively “bend” or even BREAK when the time is right.
We teach you the “Marketing Mindset” that shows you how to spot the hottest, juiciest, and most profitable products for you to promote as part of your Affiliate Marketing system.
And you DO need a “system” – which is why this book goes into great detail about the system we recommend most highly. There are a few to ‘choose from’ out there today, but the one in the book has consistently been shown (independent of the company who makes it) to be the BEST and MOST RELIABLE route to the FASTEST SALES and COMMISSIONS.
We’re talking a potential income in the SIX-FIGURE range – EASY.
That’s if you devote a good solid HALF DAY into this business, Monday through Friday.
Spend A FULL DAY every day, and don’t take weekends off – and you’ll have a SEVEN-FIGURE business that’s rocking your bank account in NO TIME!
That’s why this book is now considered a MUST by Internet Marketing insiders.
You too will BLESS the day you ordered it.

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$ 15.00

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$ 4.99
Download File Size - 2.33 MB
eBook Format - PDF
Reading Requirements - Any PDF Reader
Number of Pages - 19
Release Date - 2014
Learn the proper strategies for building a successful revenue generating blog based on your authority on a specific subject. 

Successful blogging that develops a loyal following comes from sharing your thoughts on a subject in which others will see you as an authority. Nobody wants to listen to somebody ramble on about something they know nothing about, and many of the followers attracted to a specific blog will most likely spot a fraud portraying himself as an expert if it is in their area of interest. So blog what you know, not what you want to know... 

Authority Blog Success contains more than just simple basics about blogging and producing income. It also focuses on specific strategies to effectively use your authority blogging coupled with information on various sources of revenue ranging from AdSense to sponsored reviews. We are going to discuss the proper methodology to make your blog rock by highlighting your authority on your subject, and then how to insert the proper revenue sources into your blog in an effective way to maximize your earnings...

What you'll learn:
·         The basics of blogging strategy
·         Building blocks of successful blogging
·         Proper methodology for blogs oriented towards making money
·         How to generate profit with advertising such as AdSense
·         Additional tips for generating more revenue with your blog
·         The facts about using sponsored reviews in your blogging
·         How to improve your success by writing about what you love
·         And Much More!


Authority Blog Success
Once you have established a successful blog that is powered by your expert knowledge and insight, you will then be able to generate a large income stream from those advertisers and marketers who want to expose their products and services to your audience.
Regardless of your blog subject, there will be specific advertisers that will want to be displayed along with your blogs.  And they will pay a hefty price to be there.  We will discuss all of this with you and help you determine what type of revenue streams are best for your blog.

In order to maximize advertising revenue, it is extremely important that you select advertising and other promotional opportunities that are not only going to generate the most income, but also provide quality products and services that will meet the targeted needs and desires of your followers.  This will produce money for you, but quality products and services for them, inspiring confidence concerning your future endorsements and recommendations.
We want to go over all of this with you and help you fill your wallet or purse with an abundant amount of cash, while also making sure your followers continue to read your blog with a smile on their face as they soak in your authoritative content.

This Book Cannot be Purchased in Stores or at Online Book Sites
Authority Blog Success offers professional strategies, tactics and tips about blogging that is unlike any other blogging book out there.  And it cannot be found in either offline or online book stores.  Unlike other books that might give you some simple tips on blogging strategy or how to make money, we tie it all together with a strong emphasis toward banking on your authority and expertise while blogging.  Purchasing your copy of this valuable resource will reap rewards many times over.  You will learn how to harness your authority into a profitable blogging empire of riches.

The wise recognize a great opportunity and understand that knowledge is both power and wealth.  We want you to embrace the wisdom we offer so that you can excel in blogging in a successful way beyond what you probably have ever imagined. Once you recognize
the value in our eBook, we hope that you will spread the news to others.  We know you will be happy, because we have a unique product that is unlike any other!

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For those individuals who want to improve, strengthen and maintain their emotional and mental health, the first thing that they can do is to take good care of their selves. It is very essential to pay attention to your feelings and needs. Don't let negative emotions and stress build up in your system since it can harm your overall health. 

Mental health is essential in each stage of your life, from childhood, adolescence and adulthood. For those people who are experiencing mental health issues and problems, there is a great chance that your behavior, mood and thinking will be affected. There are different factors that usually contribute to your mental health issues and problems such as family history, life experiences that include abuse and trauma and biological factors that include brain chemistry and genes ... 

For those individuals who are experiencing mental health issues and problems, it is very imperative that you are familiar and aware about the warning signs of having mental health issues and problems. If you have positive and effective mental health, it will allow you to make meaningful contributions to your community, work productively, cope with stress and realize your full potential ... 

You have to balance the things that you love to do and your daily activities and responsibilities. If you take good care of yourself, you can be sure that you are a hundred percent prepared and ready to deal with trials and challenges that might come into your life. Taking good care of yourself usually includes pursuing the activities that release endorphins within your body.

Suggested Retail Price

$ 9.45

Our Special Price:

$ 4.39
Learn the real significance of emotional & mental health and how enhanced mental health can help you live a better life. 

What You'll Learn
·         Mental Health Basics
·         Are You Resilient?
·         Get A Hold On Your Emotion
·         Take Good Care Of Yourself
·         Appeal On Your Senses
·         Healthy Relationships
·         Be An Excellent Joiner
·         Risks Factors
·         Serious Losses And Traumas
·         Need To See A Professional?
·         And Much More!
Download File Size - 519 KB
eBook Format - PDF
Reading Requirements - Any PDF Reader
Number of Pages - 23
Release Date - 2015


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